I have no idea what I’m doing in life, but I do know that I like doing things.

I’m a writer, performer, and comedy nerd, originally from San Francisco now living in Chicago. From 2012–2016 I hosted Full Disclosure, named “Best Sex Positive Podcast” by the Chicago Reader. I’m a former playwright, standup, and improviser, contemplating what my next “former” title should be.


Waking up in my element to start work.

I’ve been published in Huffington Post (who hasn’t?!), other online publications you’ve never heard of, and quoted in Cosmo Australia (I’ve made it Mom and Dad!).

I’m currently trying to figure out how the hell to make a living as a writer (ask my about my pilot!), and enjoy discovering new bars with new people who also also enjoy impassioned conversations about gender politics and pesto.